The Provincial Public Employment Service Office (PPESO) conducted a 3-day Orientation Seminar for Trainers on Pre-Migration via Zoom videoconferencing on April 14-16, 2021.

The 1st day session focused on discussing the following topics: Deciding to Work Abroad, Realities of Working Abroad, Recruitment Process: Selecting Manning and Recruitment Agencies and Avoiding Illegal Recruitment, Migration Cost and Financing Migration Cost.

On the 2nd day of session the discussion revolved around topics such as Preparing Yourself and your family for Career as a Seafarer/ OFW, Financial Planning, Sharing of Family and Financial Responsibilities in the family, Stress Management, Health and Safety Issues. 

The last day covered Philhealth Insurance Coverage and Benefits, Skills Training, Agribusiness Opportunities, Business Opportunities and Entrepreneurship Programs and Services, Savings and In-vestment Opportunities, Graduation Program were discussed.

This program was specifically intended for PESO Managers, OFW Association Officers and BESU who intends to assess the training needs of their people, choose the best methods, and design and evaluate relevant and appropriate programs. This is a good foundation for subject matter experts who were tapped as trainers.

(Article and photo by PPESO/PIO Laguna)