Provincial Public Employment Service Office
February 18, 2021

On February 9-11, 2021 the Provincial Public Employment Service Office (PPESO) conducted a 3-day training workshop on Family and Income Management at LSPU Campus in San Pablo City, the goal of which is to strengthen capacity of PESO managers, OFW association officers and Barangay Employment Service Units (BESU) to assist migrants in Laguna.

The 1st day session focused on the following: benefits and impact of migration, goal setting, tracking of expenses, concepts on budgeting, addressing family issues that drain the resources, and understanding emergency fund.

This program was specifically intended for PESO Managers, OFW Association Officers and BESU who want to assess the training needs of their people, choose the best methods, and design and evaluate relevant and appropriate programs. This is a good foundation for subject matter experts who were tapped as trainers.

For the second day of the training, the topics facilitated by the trainers focused on Concepts on Savings, concepts on investing, saving for retirement, concepts on borrowing, and getting out of debt. The participants were grouped accordingly and were given tasks in preparing their presentation for the last day of training.

On the final day, the facilitators emphasized the importance of strengthening the capacity of PESO Managers, OFW Association Officers, and BESUs to assist the province’s migrants.

Each assigned group gave their best presentations in the return demo that proved to be an immersive learning avenue for everyone involved during the training workshop.

The 3-day event was fruitful and successful, achieving the goal of the training workshop that all participants gained the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully assist migrants in proper family and income management, eventually improving their lives. 

(article and photos from PPESO/PIO Laguna)